7 Questions to Ask Your Used Car Dealer in Janesville

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7 Questions to Ask Your Used Car Dealer in Janesville
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In January 2021, car dealers sold 1,174,053 new cars, but they also sold many used vehicles.

Many people buy used cars instead of new ones because they’re more affordable. Are you interested in shopping for a used car? If so, you can begin by looking for a car dealer in Janesville.

As you shop for a used car, you might wonder about what to ask when buying one. Here is a guide to help you know the best seven questions to ask when shopping for used cars Janesville.

1. What Vehicles Do You Have in My Price Range?

If you’re planning on buying a car, you might want to begin by searching for “quality used cars near me.” This search might yield one or more car dealerships in your area.

From there, you can search for cars that fit your budget. You can look up a dealer’s inventory before you visit the car lot to get an idea of what types of vehicles they sell.

When you do this, you can filter through the results by the prices, makes, years, and models. Researching used cars before you shop for one makes it easier to find the right dealership to use.

As you shop for cars for sale Janesville, you might also want to find a dealership that offers bad credit loans and other types of easy loans for cars.

After all, you’ll probably need a loan to buy a vehicle. If you have bad credit, it’s better to find a dealership that offers car credit financing options.

2. Does the Car Come With a Warranty?

When you find cars for sale that fit your budget, you might want to ask if they come with a warranty. Some used cars have warranties in effect due to their age and mileage, but others do not.

A dealership might offer a warranty for 30 days or longer, but most sell extended warranties. If you find a car without a warranty, ask if you can buy one.

Buying a warranty costs extra, but it also provides peace of mind. With a warranty, you’ll have coverage for issues you experience with the vehicle, and you might not have to pay anything to have the problems fixed.

3. Can You Show Me the Vehicle History Report?

When shopping for quality cars for sale, you might also want to ask if the dealer can show you the vehicle history reports for the vehicles.

A vehicle history report reveals important information about a car. One thing it tells you is the car owner history. You can see how many owners the car had, and you can see the dates when it changed hands.

A vehicle history report might also reveal the car’s maintenance history, which is good to know. You can also learn if the vehicle was ever in a car accident.

When cars collide with others, they might suffer extreme damage. While dealers and mechanics can fix many issues, a car wreck might leave unaddressed damage that you can’t see.

The damage might affect your vehicle, though, so it’s good to find out if the car was in an accident before buying it.

4. Do You Have a List of Services You Completed on the Vehicle?

Another excellent question to ask is about the services the dealer completed on the car. When dealers buy used cars to sell, they usually put them through an inspection.

The inspection reveals any issues the vehicle might have, and the dealer might repair some or all of the issues. If you ask about this, they might give you a list of the repairs they completed on the car.

5. Where Did You Get the Car?

You can also ask the dealer where they got the car. Dealers get cars in several ways.

The first way is through trade-ins. When people trade in used vehicles, they receive a car credit towards a new car purchase. The dealer then sells the trade-ins they receive.

Dealers also buy used cars from auctions at reduced prices. They inspect the cars they purchase from auctions and then sell them for a profit.

Reading through the history report might help you understand where the vehicle came from, but asking is also a great way to find out more details about a car.

6. Does It Have a Clear Title?

Next, you should talk to the dealer about the vehicle’s title. The main question to ask is if it has a clear title.

A clear title is vital to find in your used car purchase. It means that the title is clear and that there are no problems with it. You can even ask to see the title for more information.

If you discover that the car has a salvage title, you might want to choose a different one. Vehicles typically only have salvage titles from being totaled.

You might have trouble getting easy loans for cars if you want one with a salvage title, and you might experience challenges when buying insurance.

7. Do You Offer Car Loans?

Finally, you might want to ask about the dealer’s auto loans. Do they offer auto credit in Janesville? Do they issue bad credit loans?

There are dealers that offer easy loans for cars and dealers that don’t. If you need a loan to buy the car, you’ll need a dealership that offers financing options.

If you have bad credit, finding a dealer that offers bad credit car loans is vital. The good news is that you can ask to find out about a dealership’s financing options.

Ask Your Car Dealer in Janesville These Questions

If you ask your car dealer in Janesville these questions, you’ll learn more about the vehicles they have for sale. You’ll also find the right one for your budget and needs.

As you begin shopping for a used vehicle, you might want to visit our dealership. We offer a large variety of vehicles for sale and can help you find the right one. Call or visit us today to learn more!

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