How to Find Used Cars For Sale Janesville WI: 9 Tips for Prospective Vehicle Owners

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Car depreciation is no joke. A car will lose 11% of its value the moment you first drive it off the lot. By its first year, it will have lost 25%, and come its third year, its value will have decreased by 43%.

That’s why many people are looking into secondhand cars instead. They’re considerably cheaper, but they’re not always a great deal. You first have to learn how you can find quality used cars for sale Janesville, WI has to offer.

Keep on reading and we’ll teach you how to be smart about it.

1. Know Your Needs

You first have to know what you need in a car, regardless if it’s secondhand or not. What’s your purpose for buying one?

Do you need it for carrying heavy cargo over long distances? Do you need one that can park in tight spaces? How many passengers do you intend to carry?

Knowing your requirements will help you find a car that best suits your needs. But, of course, you also need to consider your preferences.

Nothing is stopping you from buying a big car even if you’re the only passenger. You can also be choosy with the color as well as other features, like an all-wheel drive, leather seats, automatic emergency braking, and more.

2. Set Your Budget

Knowing your needs and preferences will also help you set a realistic budget. It must align with the car you want.

You should also decide whether it’s adjustable. Would you be willing to go higher if it means you’ll get the exact model you need?

If you have a set budget, you might have to adjust your requirements instead. Make a list of non-negotiable features, and see if you can work your budget around that.

3. Consider Your Financing Options

Even when buying used cars, you have a lot of car credit options. Secondhand cars are already cheaper, but you still have to consider the impact on your finances.

The general rule is that your monthly car payments shouldn’t exceed 15% of your net income if your only debt is a mortgage. This doesn’t include payment for insurance, fuel, and maintenance.

Car dealerships have in-house financing options you can consider. But, you can also check out banks or credit unions.

If you’re looking for easy loans for cars, you should look for local options. Check out auto credit in Janesville for starters. You can apply online, as well.

4. Go to Local Dealerships

Once you have a list of your needs and a budget in mind, you’re ready to look around for a car. Most people go to local dealerships first as it’s easier to shop when you have a lot of choices.

Look for a reputable car dealer in Janesville. Don’t hesitate to ask around; ask your friends, family, neighbors, coworkers, and such if they have a recommended dealer that they trust.

Remember not to buy on your first trip, though. Salesmen might give you tempting offers, but you’d be giving yourself future headaches if you dive in without researching first.

5. Check Craigslist

Craigslist is also a great place for finding quality cars for sale. However, you’ll have to wade through all the listings to find the perfect one for you.

This can be harder for some people, but you can easily browse the website during your spare time. As you’ll be dealing with individuals, though, you have to keep your guard up.

The adage, “if it’s too good to be true, it probably is” rings true here. Don’t transmit money, no matter what reasons they give you. You won’t miss a good deal if you don’t wire the money in 15 mins – but you’ll likely avoid getting scammed.

6. Browse Through Facebook

Facebook is also a gold mine for used things. People tend to overshare here, anyway.

The Marketplace seems like a good place to start for finding used cars. Search for “cars for sale Janesville WI” to see what’s available near you.

You should also join Facebook Groups; some have a specific purpose for selling used cars. They’re also a great place to get help as they function as a community.

7. Browse Used Car Websites

Can’t find the time to go to a local dealer? Visit used car websites instead.

The upside of this option is the same as going to a dealership – you can browse a wide selection of cars in one go. You don’t have to worry about getting scammed as long as you go to a reputable website.

However, make sure to still follow our remaining tips below.

8. Set Up a Test Drive

The car must be compatible with the way you drive. Whether new or used, you should test-drive all cars you’re planning to buy.

This also gives you a chance to see if there’s anything wrong with the car. Listen for unusual sounds while you’re driving, and check the integrity of the controls.

Drive over bumps, test the brakes, take tight corners, and so on. You want to ensure it won’t break down on you under the slightest stress.

If possible, try to schedule different appointments in a day. It will give you an excuse to go after the test drive, during which you can expect a hard sell. You can also compare several cars this way.

9. Inspect the Car

Do you know how to inspect a car? If not, you should bring a friend who does with you.

On the exterior, you want to check for scratches, rust, panel alignments, and such. The glass shouldn’t have cracks and the lights should be working still. The condition of the tires will tell you a lot; the car should still have the original ones if they have low mileage.

Under the hood, you should check the battery, radiator, and belts among others. Under the vehicle, feel the tailpipe and other components.

You shouldn’t trust whatever the seller tells you about the condition. The car itself will tell you if you know how to inspect it.

Compare Different Cars for Sale Janesville, WI

Never rush your decision when buying a used car. It can be a matter of life and death, especially as you don’t have the assurance of manufacturers.

Don’t miss the chance to test drive and inspect the cars for sale Janesville, WI has to offer. Then, compare to find which one’s the best fit for you. Contact us today and let us help you out.

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