The Benefits of Buying Used Cars

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Cars have become ubiquitous and necessary for life. It often cuts your travel time to half and removes the hassle of an every day commute. Everyone needs one, but the prices vary and are often expensive.

Rather than pay full price for a new car, many savvy shoppers know the benefits of buying used cars. It doesn’t matter if you’re a teen who recently got your driver’s license or a professional. More often than not, used cars are a practical go-to.

Here are some of the top benefits of buying used cars, and why you should consider doing so.

Price and Less Depreciation

Where else to get a good car for less than at a used dealership? If there’s one thing we all know is that used cars are budget-friendly. Recent global events may have pushed used car prices higher, but the market has been cooling down.

This is why now is the best time to look into getting one. Once a brand new car gets driven off the lot, it depreciates its value. This isn’t the case for used cars.

They don’t immediately lose value, even after you drive them for a few months or years. Used car values often stay within the same ballpark after you’ve purchased them. A reason for this is: used cars tend to be previous models and trims.

The competition of releasing a new model every year is cutthroat. This drives down the value of newer trims and releases – almost as early as a year after its debut. To get the most value for your money, it’s best to stick with used cars.

Know what to look for when buying used. Sometimes depreciation happens when a car has racked up many miles or has been in multiple accidents.

Insurance Can Be Cheaper

It’s a simple fact that new cars are always pushing the envelope of tech and engineering. One side effect of this is that insurance for newer cars tends to be more expensive. This comes down to various factors, one of which is the high cost of repairing one.

There is already much to do and consider after getting into a car accident, more so if you have a newer one. If you get into an accident in a used car, it can be cheaper to repair depending on the make, model, and year. This drives your insurance premiums down.

Sensors and cameras require replacing and recalibrating after an accident, which is expensive. If your window breaks, cracks, or chips, not only do you have to replace the windshield but also reset the cameras. Replacing a trunk door after a rear-end collision is also more expensive, especially if it has remote controls.

Depending on your purposes, buying a used car without the latest tech will save you on insurance. That doesn’t mean you have to forsake all technology as the cost scales down with age. This means that the cost to repair and recalibrate an older car is still cheaper, even if the tech is comparable.

Diversity of Choice

Opting for used cars means you aren’t stuck with a base model or forced to pay the price for higher trim levels. By buying used, you can select from across multiple years, models, and trim levels. Doing this increases your chances of finding the car that’s right for you.

Buying a used car also has the added benefit of not feeling like you’re driving the same model as everyone else. With a bit of searching, it’s easy to find a character car that stands out from the rest. You can often find these at a fraction of the cost, be they muscle cars, convertibles, or luxury SUVs.

Repairs and Maintenance

One major benefit of choosing used cars is having used car parts at your disposal. Many newer makes and models tend to have patented technology and features. This makes it more difficult to have these cars repaired by a private service.

You’ll always have to bring it to their official dealerships, which can be costly. More so, many well-trained mechanics would be more familiar with used cars. They’ve been around longer – this gives mechanics better experience when handling them.

You might think that brand new cars have all the new tech. That’s both a blessing and a curse – especially when model recalls happen. What’s great about used cars is that they’re tried and tested.

Read reviews and research about the cars you’re interested in. It’ll pay off, and you’ll definitely know what you’re getting.

Cheat the System

One thing that is often overlooked when shopping for a car is that higher trim levels don’t have to be expensive. Every new car will have luxury versions and the ability to tack on a bunch of bells and whistles. It turns out that used car dealerships are actually the best places to get this added luxury.

Many modern cars today have standard features. These include rear-view cameras and heated seats. You’ll find that these are often available in older luxury models.

This includes everything from leather seats to navigation systems, phones, and TV screens. When you buy used cars, you have the opportunity to game the system by scoring these goodies for cheap. Ensure to know the right questions to ask your car dealer!

Apart from luxury trims for less, you can also find aftermarket features. These are extras that the previous owner had installed on top of what the car came with. Expensive radios, cameras, and touch screens compatible with smartphone technology are good examples.

Searching used cars for the right combination of trim and extra features will net you what you need. You’ll avoid the cost of new luxury trim or installing your own aftermarket features. Buying used cars is a great way to cheat the system.

Buying Used Cars With the Pros

Here are some crucial tips for buying used cars. Your perfect car might not be the one displayed in that fancy showroom. Find a steal with some of the best reliable and reputable used cars – and no one else knows used cars like The Cool Car Guys!

The name says it all. If you’re still on the fence or are looking for options, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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